Political Shirts for Political People

Why We Are The Shit

Our mission is pretty simple: To make dope pieces of clothing at an affordable price, so that people can speak their mind through apparel. We don’t want to cater to the hype. We simply offer solid visuals and quality goods.

Activism is a part of everything, and we’re doing our part to add to that expression. Our goal is to provide advocates and rebels all over the world with an exciting and unique way to practice their right to freedom of speech and expression. Our design team wants to produce the most politically radical clothing with real reformist assertions for you, all the while ensuring that we’re providing the utmost quality and flair.

In times like these, silence is a sin. That ‘s why we don’t want our customers to keep quiet. We want you to find your voice, and instigate change. We want you to tell your story by purchasing yourself a political piece of clothing with a purpose.